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Herbalist & Natural Therapies

Natural therapies is an umbrella term for the use of several modalities to promote health and treat disease and its cause and effect. It is holistic in that it uses herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and life style to rebalance and heal the body.

Natural therapists can also use bach or bush flowers, homoeopathy and energy based therapies to work on the underlying emotional contributing factors towards disease.

In addition natural medicine modalities include a variety of body work treatments, in this case Traditional Ayurveda herbalized oils massage and Bowen treatment.

Natural medicines can be used for babies through the life cycle to the elderly. The medicines are safe and effective and most patients learn valuable healing information about themselves and general health which can greatly contribute to longer term health improvement and increased vitality.

Most health conditions from acute such as common colds, through to women's health problems, digestive disturbance, recovery from injury and illness and chronic health conditions can be treated with one or all the modalities that encompass Natural Therapies.

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